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Providing Custom HR Benefit Solutions, General Liability, Worker's Compensation, and Commercial Insurance for Small to Mid-Sized Companies*

Providing Life, Auto, Home, Renters, and Health Insurance to Individuals* 

Strategize. Strengthen. Engage.


Rick McKinney, our Principal, has over 15 years of Human Resource experience managing departments and benefit insurance programs in public and private sectors.  Coupled with professional degrees from Webster University in Human Resource Development and Management, our team is ready and prepared to assist you in your HR benefits.  

We proudly serve businesses and individuals in the States of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona.

*Property and Causality not offered in Texas. Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, or Nevada.


We understand that many of our clients are locally and sometimes family owned.  They care about their company and employees.  They would like to provide benefits to their employees but are often prohibited by cost.  We work with these companies that have limited and sometimes no budget to put programs in place for their employees.


It is our vision to assist good companies to become great while reducing workers compensations claims and premium increases, retain quality employees, attract new employees in the competitive workplace, and improve employee morale.

  • Benefits Consulting

  • Defined Contribution Plans

  • Medical Insurance

  • Accident Plans

  • Critical Illness Plans

  • Cancer Plans

  • Short Term Disability

  • Hospital Plans

  • Vision

  • Dental

  • Life Insurance

  • General Liability*

  • Business Owners Policies*

  • Professional Liability*

  • Auto, Home, and Renters*

  • Worker's Comp Insurance*