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Rick McKinney, our Principal, has spent his career helping and serving others.  He has extensive government service and has been in executive level management overseeing programs, staff, and departments.  His experience in working in the Human Resource field and in Benefit Management lends experience in developing an attractive benefits program for your company.  

We provide no cost consultations to learn about your HR benefit needs.  Use the Schedule Meeting link to or call us to arrange a meeting.

We specialize in working with companies that have little to no budgets for employee benefits for their company and staff.

We are positioning defined contribution plans in many cases that are rate stable and do not increase in premiums like traditional health insurance.

We believe and can show you how providing employee benefits can:

- Reduce workman compensation claims and premiums

- Enhance employee morale and decrease "presenteeism"

- Reduce turnover of employee and attract more skilled candidates


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